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techdirections is a magazine and website for technology, career/technical, and engineering education. Designed for the involved educator, techdirections brings to life today’s technology and provides a wealth of engaging student activities. We cover automotive, IT, CAD/CAM, electricity/electronics, engineering, manufacturing, woodworking, construction, and much more. We provide information on current industry practices and products that will help you integrate those practices into your classroom.

Inside the March Issue:

Welding Is a Dynamic Industry with a Big Future
A brief look at the birth of welding, the various welding processes, and different career options in the field.

Enhancing Welding Education through Community Involvement
Students gain real-life welding experience and improve their communities at the same time.

Fun Facts about Welding
12 interesting things you may or may not know about welding.

Want the Stacked Dimes Look when Welding Aluminum? Follow These 7 GTAW Tips
Helpful information about welding aluminum to achieve greater penetration, or the stacked dimes look, for improved aesthetics.

Circling the Globe to Talk about Skills
Championship to a global adventure ending with an ambassador position with the WorldSkills organization.

In One State, Students Are Ditching Classrooms for Jobs
Schools in Vermont are teaming up with local businesses to provide alternate classroom settings, train students to work in their specific businesses, and show students what job opportunities exist in their state.

ITEEA's 81st Annual Conference—Be a Part of Bringing STEM to Life!
Exciting opportunities are planned. All are invited.

Special Feature—Product Spotlight
A selection of excellent products to make your teaching efforts easier and more effective.

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