Technology’s Past Poster Series
Dress up your classroom with the faces of American history!

These stunning posters give students a glimpse of the people and inventions that changed our lives forever. The men and women whose visions and strong will provided the groundwork for our modern day comforts leap off the pages of history, and into lives of your students!.

This poster series is based on the popular book Technology's Past by Dennis Karwatka. The book focuses on the human side of technology’s history, and is both informative and enjoyable to read. It spans three centuries and covers over eighty technologists and inventors.

The posters show these people in a more personal setting. All were brilliant yet all were people with dreams, and at one time filled with undiscovered potential. This series shows what dedication and hard work can produce. Their initiative, persistence, faith in self, and desire to improve the lives of others has triumphed over skepticism and adversity. The contributions they have made to our everyday life are immeasurable, and should be an inspiration to all.  Unlock your students potential! Each poster features a brief biographical description and a timeline of key life events.

All posters are 18" x 24" and printed on glossy poster stock.

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Series Includes:

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