Heroes of Science and Technology Posters

Scientists and technologists solve a vast variety of humanity’s problems— from explaining the natural world around us, to developing labor-saving devices, to curing fatal diseases. This handsome poster series salutes the achievements of 14 of the greatest scientists and technologists of all time.

Black History Pioneers Posters

African Americans have had a major impact on the course of American history, from the battlefield to the courtroom. These striking posters show notable black Americans that led the way, fighting for justice, equality, and human dignity.

Elementary Posters

Younger students need heroes, too! Designed to engage elementary students, this series features a wide range of notable historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Albert Einstein. Each poster includes a timeline that visually depicts major life events and achievements

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Career Directions Posters

Career Directions posters detail the responsibilities and requirements of each career, as well as list entry-level and potential salaries, current and projected job openings, and sources for more information. Each colorful poster is printed on glossy poster stock. Great for your classroom or the counselor’s office! Only 5.95 each!

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See individual poster pages for special series prices! All posters are 18" x 24" and printed on glossy poster stock.

Technology’s Past Posters

These stunning posters depict the people and inventions that changed our lives forever. The Technology’s Past Poster Series documents the hard work and persistence of creative dreamers who overcame hardship and skepticism to produce marvelous innovations that have changed our world.

19th Century American Authors Posters

Through their innovative writing, these widely celebrated authors brought worldwide respect to American literature and continue to inspire readers and writers today. From Moby Dick to Walden to Huckleberry Finn, the classic works of these authors enrich our literary landscape.

Machine Trades Posters

These striking posters depicting some of the world's oldest trades will look great in your home, shop or office. Most photos were taken during the booming industrial period of the early twentieth century and have been reproduced courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History.

Machinists’ Posters

The Machinists’ Poster Series salutes the machines that revolutionized American industry and laid the groundwork for modern industrial Machines Trades Education. Posters feature patent drawings and promotional illustrations of groundbreaking tools and machines.