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1/2012 cover

January 2012 Proving Newton Right or Wrong with Blur Photography • High School and College Kids Collaborate on BOTS Competition • Solar Electricity for Homes • Career Directions—Electronics Technician • Annual Mediia Review

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March 2012 Student-Built ROVs Explore Shipwrecks • Experiments Demonstrate Geothermal Heating Process • Restoring a Classic Electric Car • Career Directions—Renewable Energy Systems Integrator • ITEEA Conference Preview—Improving Technology and Engineering Education • Spring Spotlight

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3/2012 cover2/2012 cover

February 2012 Teaching STEM to Millennial Students • CAD/CAM, Creativity, and Discipline Lead to Turnaround School Success • Adapting Wood Technology to Teach Design and Engineering • It’s Too Hot! It’s Too Cold!—Understanding How Heat Works • Career Directions—Photonics Technician • STEM Resources Guide

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4/2012 cover

April 2012 Pull-Out Product Guide • Right Back at 'Cha—Boomerang Activity Provides Educational Returns • Career Directions—Fiber Optic Installer • Teaching Techonology by Assessing Vehicle Safety

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May 2012 TSA Prepares Students for Career Success • Stave Off Summer Learning Loss with Do-at-Home Activities • Global Power Play—Competition Winners Light Up the World • Build an Inexpensive Wind Tunnel to Test CO2 Cars • You've Got to Move It, Move It—Adding Logistics and Distribution to the Transportation Curriculum • Teacher Training Directory • Index to Volume 71

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5/2012 cover8/2012 cover

August 2012 Teach CAD and Measuring Skills Through Reverse Engineering • Saving Energy and Money—A Lesson in Computer Power Management • 2012-13 Inventors Competition—Trash Transformation Challenge • Whatever Floats Your Boat—A Design Challenge • Use a Log Splitter to Demonstrate a Two-Stage Hydraulic Pump • Product Showcase

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9/2012 cover

September 2012 Special Focus: Green Technology— Revitalize Electrical Program with Renewable Energy Focus • Energy Detectives! Introduce Students to a Promising Career in Energy Auditing • Simple Activity Demonstrates Wind Energy Principles • Green Technology Resources • Take Fundraising to a New Level with Pro Athletes’ Help

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11/2012 cover

October 2012 Special Feature—Pull-Out Product Guide • CAD/CAM Helps Build Better Bots • Buildilng a Better Mousetrap Offers Cross-Curriculum Connections • Introducing Technology Education at the Elementary Level

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10/2012 cover

November 2012 Comparing Cars—Environmental and Cost Concerns • Electric Vehicles: A Historical Snapshot • Designng a Self-Sustaining Community • Keep Laptop Cool with Simple Custom Riser • ACTE Convention Preview—CareerTech VISION 2012 • Special Feature: Hands-On Activities

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1/2013 cover

January 2013 Middle School Girls Sample ‘Hard Hat’ Life at Construction Camp • Don’t Let Legal Issues Put You in Hot Water!—A Safety and Liability Primer • Career Directions: Web Designer • Special Feature: Annual Media Review

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December 2012 Teaching Photo Manipulation—Simple Project Puts Students in Your Living Room • Crossword Puzzle Makes It Fun—Introduce Green Manufacturing in Wood Technology Courses • FREE On-Demand Classroom Project: Cereal Box Design—An Intermediate Graphics Activity • Special Feature: Supplier Directory

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11/2012 cover

September 2013 Special Issue—Green Technology: Provide Endless Learning Opportunities—Build a Solar and Wind Power Trainer • Solar Cooker Promotes Design and Problem Solving on a Budget • Make a Simple Solar Collector / Make Simple Planetary Gear Sets Truly SImple • Teach Basic Skills by Making Wooden Words

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03/2013 cover02/2013 cover

February 2013 Gender Equity Issues in CTE and STEM Education—Economic and Social Implications • Inspiring Educators to Teach Wind Energy • Teach Deflection Concepts with Hacksaw Blades and Rubber Bands • Building Peace Poles • Special Feature—STEM Resources Guide

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March 2013 An Engineering Mentor's Take on FIRST Robotics • Students Learn Programming Faster Through Robotics Simulation • Reward Your Students with an Online Scavenger Hunt • Building and Stocking the Essential Tool Box • ITEEA Conference Preview • Special Feature—Spring Spotlight

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05/2013 cover

April 2013 Special Feature—Pull-Out Product Guide • Building a Green House in the Redwoods • Career Directions—Welder • CAD Instructor Designs Eco-Friendly Shed—And Offers Plans Free Online

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May 2013 Seven Homes in Seven Days—an ‘Extreme’ Education • Results of the 2012-13 Tech Directions Inventors Competition—Trash Transformation Challenge • Tool and Supply Management—Keeping Track of What You Have and What You Need • Introducing CNC to Middle Schoolers • Teacher Training Opportunities • Index to Volume 72

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04/2013 cover09/2013 cover08/2013 cover

August 2013 Turning Students into Engineers with 3D Printing • 10th Annual Inventors Competition— Emergency Power Solutions • Kick Off the School Year with a Football Mold Activity • Middle School Design Challenge—New Twist on Tower Construction • Build a Handy MOSFET Checker • Career Directions—Software Developer • Special Feature—Product Showcase

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10/2013 cover

October 2013 Special Feature—Product Guide • Revamped Program Teaches Real-World Manufacturing Skills • Career Directions—CAD Technician • Cutting Edge Technology—Cloud-Based CAD Offers Collaboration and Engagement

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11/2013 cover

November 2013 Guidelines for Maintaining the CTE/TE Lab • Working with Wood from Start to Finish • 'Nerf' Football Project Scores Points with Students • Play Your Cards Right! Attend the ACTE Convention in Las Vegas • Hone Woodworking Skills with Candlestand Project • Special Feature—Hands-On Activities

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1/2014 cover

January 2014 Can Creativity Really Be Taught? • Inventor's Visit Sparks Student Imagination • Business Card Project Teaches Desktop Publishing Skills • Career Directions—Diesel Mechanic • Windsor Chair Makes Great Capstone Project • Media Review

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December 2013 Hands-On Tech Ed Motivates Students—Game On! • The Drama of the 'Ick' Factor—Students Learn How Germs Spread • Wooden Christmas Tree Is Ideal for Mass Production • Forensics 101—Applying Physics to Solve Crime • Supplier Directory

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12/2013 cover2/2014 cover

February 2014 Project-Based Learning + Real World Manufacturing + Industry Partnership = Powerful STEM Education • Use YouTube to Promote Your Program—Here's How • Bits, Bytes, and Binary—The Mathematics of Computers • Career Directions—Robotics Technician • Table Project Teaches Woodworking and Lamination Basics • STEM Resources Guide

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3/2014 cover

March 2014 Robotics Team Goes Varsity • Teach Microsystems on a Tight Budget • ITEEA Conference Preview • Baseball Equipment Rack Project • Special Feature—Spring Spotlight

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4/2014 cover

April 2014 Spring Pull-Out Product Guide • A Century at Dunwoody—Centennial Tech School Teaches State-of-the-Art CNC • Classroom/Laboratory Handbook Keeps Track of the Essentials • 'Sweet' Activity Teaches Essentials of Materials Strength

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5/2014 cover

May 2014 Making Sense of Solar Cells • Generating Power in Emergency Situations—Results of the 2013-14 Tech Directions Inventors Competition • Pressure Engine Project Teaches CNC Concepts • Helping Students Make Their Homes Safer • Teacher Training Opportunities • Index to Volume 73

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8/2014 cover

August 2014 11th Annual Tech Directions Inventors Competition—Alternative Energy for Chicago • Use a Laser Cutter/Engraver to Create Intricate Inlays • Tips for Writing a Winning Grant Proposal • Big Rig Hauling Activity Integrates Reading and STEM • Use Your Neighborhood to Teach Math Concepts • Career Directions—Precision Metalworker • Product Spotlight

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September 2014 Go Green! Moving CTE Toward Sustainability • LISD Center for a Sustainable Future—A Tech School in a Green Building • Test Your Knowledge—Green Building in Construction Technology • Your Students as Media Stars—Using InDesign to Create a Magazine Cover • Engine Fabrication Project Teaches Materials and Processes • Career Directions—Carpenter • Product Spotlight

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9/2014 cover

November 2014 Interactive Mini Car Projects Use CAD and 3D Printing • Designing a Curriculum for Alternative Energy Vehicles • Integrating Literacy into CTE Classes • Career Directions—Electrician • Convention Preview—Learn, Network, and Get Inspired at CareerTech VISION

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10/2014 cover

October 2014 Special Feature—Pull-Out Product Guide • Restoring a Car—igniting a Passion! • Students Can Create a School Grounds Redesign • Introduce Basic Electronics with an Easy-to-Build Burglar Alarm

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11/2014 cover

December 2014 Teaching Responsible Disposal of Electronic Devices • After School Invention Club—Lessons Learned! • Free On-Demand Classroom Project—Cardboard Chair Design • Special Feature—Supplier Directory

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12/2014 cover1/2015 cover

January 2015 From Dinosaurs to Robots—Machine Tool Tech Program Is Cutting Edge • Vintage Engine Project Prepares CNC Students for Career Success • Teach Digital Citizenship and Literacy—Introduce Programming in a Fun, Creative Way • Raise Funds with Screen-Printed T-Shirts • Career Directions—Medical Device Product Development Engineer • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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3/2015 cover

March 2015 Using ROVs to Promote STEM in K-12 Education • What Happens When a Robotics Class Starts the Year with No Robots? • Making Sailors ''SAFFiR'—Navy Unveils Firefighting Robot Prototype • Students Create Stunning Robotics Trophy • Spark Plug Maintenance Activity Can Ignite Small Engine Mechanic Careers • ITEEA Conference Preview—Building STEM Partnerships • Special Feature—Product Showcase

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2/2015 cover

February 2015 Introducing the New Age of Desktop Manufacturing • Convert 3D Models into Real-World Creations with 123D Make • Plan, Build, LaunchPing-Pong Ball Launcher Challenges Students' Creativity • Assessing IT Student Performance Using Virtual Machines • Career Directions—Industrial Designer • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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5/2015 cover

May 2015 Robotics Competition Experience Inspires Deeper Learning • Score a Perfect Shot—3D Printing Bridges the Gap Between Design and Finished Product • Exploring Careers in Drafting—Basic CAD Activity Introduces Students to the Field • Career-Themed Academies Fill Local Jobs • Alternative Energy for Chicago—Results of the 2014-15 Tech Directions Inventors Competition • Product Spotlight • Teacher Traning Opportunities • Index to Volume 74

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4/2015 cover

April 2015 Product Guide • Student-Built Robot Brings Homebound Teacher to Class • Preparing Safer STEM-Literate Citizens—A Call for Educator Collaboration

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11/2015 cover

October 2015 Special Feature—Pull-Out Product Guide • Exploring Careers in Machining • Don't Throw Them Away! Small Drills and Tools Can Be Salvaged • Drilling into Batteries—The History, The Evolution, and Ideas on How to Create Your Own Charger • How Computer Coding Can Increase Engagement, Provide a Purpose for Learning

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z 9/2015 cover10/2015 cover

September 2015 Using Solar Energy to Teach STEM • Career Directions—Wind Turbine Technician • 75th Anniversary Feature—Why SCHOOL SHOP? • She Wins! Virtual Reality Welding Simulator Helps Student Win at State SkillsUSA • From Surface Water to the Drinking Fountain—Understanding Water Treatment Processes • Can We Really Prepare Kids for Both College and Career? California's Answer Is a Resounding 'Yes' • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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November 2015 Engineering a New Course for Women—Female-based STEM Class Allows Women to Explore Engineering Fields • Trial and Error Leads to Success—Studednts in Advanced CAD Design and Manufacture a Bank Vault Lock • Exploring Careers in Agriculttural Engineering • 75th Anniversary Feature—Sun Battery • Forget Shop Class: New Orleans Is Trying to Train Black Youth for a Constantly Shifting Job Market • Convention Preview—Get Inspired at CareerTech VISION

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December 2015 The Cost of It All—Fostering Students' Financial Awareness • Equipment Needs Are Not Fantastic for Experiments in High-Speed Photography • Free On-Demand Classroom Project—Pinball Machine • Weather Balloon Activity Helps Students Understand Ideal Gas Laws • Special Feature—Supplier Directory

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12/2015 cover

January 2016 Yes! SophomoreTakes Her Second Dragster Design Gold! • Thomas Edison as Role Model—Propelling Students Towards Invention • Exploring Masonry and Its Career Opportunities • Microminiaturization—A Big Word in Space-Age Technology • Even Vocational High Schools are Pushing Kids to Go to College—Growing Pains for High Schools Offering Career and Technical Training • ITEEA Conference Preview—Collaborate to Build a STEM-Literate Society • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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2/2016 cover1/2016 cover

February 2016 Teaching the Ins-and-Outs of Advanced Manufacturing • What If? Good Questions Lead to Quality Answers • Increase Understanding of Materials Science Concepts with Origami Crystal Activity • Engineering the Ecology—Developing a Two-Year Course in Environmental Technology • An Artist's Argument for STEAM • New Orleans Student Says School Leaders Sometimes Underestimate the Value of Career Education • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

Click here for February 2016

April 2016 Amateur Radio in the STEM Classroom—One Technical Tool, Countless Lesson Applications • Special Feature—Pull-Out Product Guide • Preparing Students for CAD without CAD Equipment • Lead Students to High-Paying Jobs and Lower Debt Through Apprenticeships

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3/2016 cover

March 2016 Get Students Revved Up! Robotics Brings Excitement to STEM • Can Ed-Tech Inequality Be Solved by Roving Buses with Wi-Fi and Loads of Equipment? • The Evolution of the Transistor • Jet Age Printing • New Technologies for an Old Electric Vehicle • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

Click here for March 2016

May 2016 German-Style Apprenticeships Prepare Students for Technical Jobs • Engage Students' Creativity through Animated Whiteboard Video Project • Teach CAD and 3D Printing with Directed Learning • Increase Motivation with Mobile Robots • Reinforce QA Concepts through Hands-On Projects • Special Features: Teacher Training Opportunities • Index to Volume 75 • Product Spotlight

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4/2016 cover9/2016 cover

September 2016 Turning Students into Inquisitive Creators • The Air Force Explores the Promise and Peril of 3D Printing • Seven 3D Printing STEM Projects to Do with Your Class • 3D Printng Competitions • Professional Development—Using Email-Based Text Messaging to Effectively Communicate with Parents and Students • Are High Schools Preparing Students to Be College- and Career-Ready? • Product Spotlight

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5/2016 cover11.16 TD cover

November 2016 Growth of Fabrication Labs Spurs Innovation •• Building Trades Special Section: The Many Paths to Success—How Construction's Top Professionals Got Their Start • SkillsUSA Success Stories—Shreela McFaddan and Anthony Cofield • Fiber Optics—Mature and Growing Fast • Teens Explore Skilled Trades Hands On at Summer Academy •• Three Ways to Recruit and Train More Teachers • Convention Preview—Get Inspired at CareerTech VISION • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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10.16 TD cover

October 2016 Fall Pull-Out Product Guide • In Search of the "Ideal" Human-Machine Interface • Creating Quick Connections with IoT Development Kits • Using Drones—What You Need to Know • Professional Development—Small Group Meetings Help Teachers Share Ideas

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1.17 TD cover

January 2017 Molding a New Generation of Engineers • Introducing Students to Tech Ed with CAD • Creating Portraits with a 3D Scanner and a CNC Machine • Robotics Team Helps Build Confidence for Special Needs Students • A State Embraces the Idea That Not Everyone Needs to Go to College • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

Click here for January 2017

December 2016 Retooling Apprenticeships: Building the Manufacturing Workforce • A Primer on Teacher Liability • Digital Tools That Can Make Your Job Easier • Free On-Demand Classroom Project—Job Search Skills 101 • Push for Career-Technical Education Meets Parent Resistance • Special Feature—Supplier Directory

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12.16 TD cover3.17 TD cover

March 2017 Automotive Technology Special Section: The Battle of the Motors—Induction vs. DC Brushless • The Value of Continuing Education in Automotive Refinishing • Automotive Scholarship Opportunities • Teaching Basic Electricity—Visually • Ultrasonic Cleaner Revs Up Learning for Automotive Students • Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Maintenance • Re-energize Your Teaching by Attending Conferences •• Reverse Job Fair Brings Employers to Students • The Upside, and the Downside, of Working 'As Fast as You Want and as Slow as You Need' • You Teach—Why Do Students Not Learn? • Special Features—Teacher Training Opportunities • Product Spotlight • Click here for March 2017

2.17 TD cover

February 2017 Welding's Ivy League—Ivy Tech Builds a New Generation of Welders with State of the Art Training Technology • Lighting the Torch—School Uses Blacksmithing and Oxy-Acetylene Processes to Attract Students to Metalworking • How Did My Spark Get Started • Skills USA Success Stories—Nick Peterson • In San Francisco Computer Science for All...Soon • On the Front Line of Teaching 'Grit'—The Battle to Stop Students from Quitting • ITEEA Conference Preview—Engaging and Empowering Decision Makers • A Noble Workforce That Matters • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

Click here for February 2017

4.17 TD cover

May 2017 AgriScience and Engineering Program Produces Well-Rounded Students • Engaging Event Introduces Students to Agriculture Careers • Miami Lakes Students Check In at a Unique University • 'Build Your Future' Promotes Construction Careers at Local, State, and National Levels • Kids Code Their Own 3D Creations with New Blocks-Based Design Program • Magic of the Everyday: Southern CA Educators Share 10 Best Teaching, Technology Practices • Index to Volume 76 • Product Spotlight

Click here for May 2017

4.17 TD cover

April 2017 Special Feature: Spring Pull-Out Product Guide • Readers Share Safety Tips • Science Fiction—An Inspiration for Creativity • Professional Development— Three Ways to Kill Your Program and Put Yourself Out of Work Simultaneously

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9.17 TD cover

September 2017 An Ultimate Educator's Guide to 3D Printing • Building Robot Subs, Reinventing STEM • STEM Defined—Helping Students Explain STEM • How Does FERPA Affect You?: 2017—Part 1 • Professional Development—Educating the Next Generation of Technologists • Product Spotlight

Click here for September 2017

10.17 TD cover

October 2017 Fall Pull-Out Product Guide • The Future of Portable Power • How Does FERPA Affect You?: 2017—Part 2 • One Possible Solution for the Future of Career and Technical Education • Professional Development—Mentoring the Next Generation of Technologists

Click here for October 2017

12.17 TD cover

December 2017 Teachers' Top Tips for Designing Meaningful Professional Development Programs • To Develop Teachers, Look to Other Teacher • Not Everyone Needs a Four-Yer Degree • More People with Autism Are Getting Training for Technology Jobs • Free Project: Cookin' with Sun—Design and Build Solar Cookers • Special Feature—Supplier Directory

Click here for December 2017

11.17 TD cover

November 2017 Building Trades Focused Issue: High School Students Build Tiny Homes for Flood VIctims • Indiana Building Trades Are 'Built to Succeed' • HBA Members Debunk Four-Year Degree Myth to Promote Trades Careers • Building Passion—Students from Building 21 Get Hands-On with the Building Trades • Improving Students' Linear Measurement Skills /// Energy Industry Fundamentals Certificate Program • Busting 7 Myths about Technology Careers that Discourage Teenage Technologists • Convention Preview—Get Inspired at CareerTech Vision • Product Spotlight
Click here for November 2017

2.18 TD cover

February 2018 Welders in Demand • Dealing with Welding Fumes • Meet the Inventor of the Electric Welder—Elihu Thomson • Modern Apprenticeships Offer Path to Career—and College • Stoking the Growing Interest in Tech Careers for Teenage Technologists • Conference Preview: Be a Part of Building Bridges within the STEM Community and Beyond! ITEEA's 80th Anniversary Annual Conference • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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1.18 TD cover

January 2018 Chippewa Valley Tech Students Bond with Local Industry • NYSTEEA and Chocolate Mold-Making for STEAM • Reinvigorating a High School Woodshop • Mercy CTE High School Re-Envisions Workforce Development • After Decades of Pushing Bachelor's Degrees, U.S. Needs More Tradespeople • Designing New Internship Models to Close the Nation's Cybersecurity Talent Gap • Special Feature—Product Spotlight

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3.18 TD cover

April 2018 Spring Pull-Out Product Guide • What's Wrong with This Picture? • In Spite of a Growing Shortage in Male-Dominated Vocations, Women Still Aren't Showing Up • Institutional Innovation: The Classroom of the Future for All Types of Students

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March 2018 Automotive Focused Issue: Home, James • Five Ways 3D Printing Is Transforming the Automotive Industry • Helping Students Understand Automotive Electricity /// Mineola HS Introduces CNC Technology into Their Curriculum • Physics/Engineering Mash-Up Piques Student Interest • The TIme Is Right for Tech Apprenticeships • Special Features—Teacher Training Opportunities • Product Spotlight

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3.18 TD cover